Autumn – been and (nearly) gone

Oak tree

We are blessed with a huge old Oak tree at the bottom of our garden. Actually it isn’t in our garden but on a riverbank, the owner of which is unregistered. It can be a mixed blessing, though, as it’s very old and shedding its boughs. The storm of November tore three large branches, one of which has been dangling over my garden office and twisting precariously in the wind. The Tree Company were so booked up that they couldn’t get here for a month, but today Andy and Ben came to the rescue. This is Andy after removing the worst of the storm damage. Rather him than me! I guess he must have a head for heights. There’s a lot to be said for calling in an expert – it may cost more but you get what you pay for. Andy’s boss, Bill, on his recce visit last month, was able to tell me that the small tree in our garden was not – as three peripatetic tree choppers over the years have assured me – a Copper Beech but in fact a Purple-leaved Plum. Ah! This must be why it didn’t really look like a copper beech… Yes, I’ll stick with the experts in future.

I admit that blogging has not been uppermost in my mind since my last effort at the end of August. I’ve been involved in the organisation of four charity events in London and one in Plymouth, several Board and Governor meetings and rather a lot of e-correspondence as well as ‘normal’ client work. My professional body even announced last week it had gone into liquidation. Never a dull moment. Quite honestly I would welcome a little bit of dullness though I have to admit that, when email traffic slowed down this week, I did ring my domain hosting company to see if there was a problem. I suspect people are winding down for Christmas already, if not actually hibernating.

I am looking forward to the Christmas Party of the London PA Network next week (it’s very nice to have a set of ‘colleagues’ when one works alone) and to my bi-annual posh tea in Piccadilly with friends and associates Kate and Barbara on the day I close down my work for the Christmas/New Year holidays. In case I don’t get back to my blog before then, I wish my readers a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Grace and peace to you all.