Customer Disservice

When is a potential client not a potential client (apart from when he/she becomes an actual one)? One of my clients runs a Home Extension Design and Project Management Consultancy and he knows very well that an advertising card put through a door in a favourable location can be kept for months, even years, until […]

Spring – at last

These daffodils are called St Patrick’s Day but they didn’t open until early April so they were a bit late!  I put it down to the long winter we experienced and will see what happens next year.  However, just a few days of sunshine and warmer weather and suddenly the garden has taken off, just […]

Client helps banks to put customers first

I was delighted to attend The Fairbanking Foundation’s second Accreditation Ceremony for the awarding of Fairbanking Marks to four banks which had developed current or savings accounts providing their customers with a greater sense of financial well-being. It was held in the Livery Hall of Guildhall in the City of London. I’ve been assisting the […]

Welcome to the new website for Janet Walker – Virtual PA for Business and Charity Executives

My new website is launched! My old hosting company was causing me way too many headaches so I decided to move over to the WordPress platform and have my site re-built from scratch. The new site enables me to have direct links to my social media profiles on LinkedIn and my Facebook Page, as well […]