Janet Walker with Alan Titchmarsh at the Garden Museum, Lambeth in June 2014

I like writing Minutes. I’ve always liked doing them and find myself automatically taking notes even when I’m not supposed to be the Minute-taker! After I left school and joined the Old Girls’ Association, I became the Hon Secretary. Later, at home with my two small energetic sons, I joined the local Twins Club and became – yes – the Committee Secretary. I write up notes for my job, for some of my business clients, for my own Virtual PA practice and for meetings of community-minded local residents. Just recently though the minutes have turned into hours. 24 sets in 8 months…

This is all by way of explaining the major reason why I have apparently not blogged since March. What happened to summer? Well, much as I wanted to write about my wonderful day off at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in July (I hadn’t been for ten years) and a memorable evening at the Garden Museum in Lambeth listening to the amazingly talented and courteous Alan Titchmarsh speak engagingly without notes or hesitation for 50 minutes, answer questions and then talk to us individually afterwards, I didn’t have the opportunity so now I’m taking it, as things have quietened down a bit.

I also wanted to mention my highly respected clients who in recent months have variously been awarded the OBE, written a successful book, and/or seen their businesses/charities overcome the recession and develop dramatically during 2014. I congratulate and appreciate them all and am delighted to be involved in their work.

Now that I’ve taken steps to reduce my Minute-taking role as from next month, I hope I will get round to blogging about autumn before it turns into winter. In my garden the chilli peppers, courgettes and blueberries are being harvested and the squirrels are digging. It may still be August but autumn feels just round the corner.