Since I last blogged…

Tree with blossom

Christmas has been and gone, we’ve had rain, rain, rain (though very thankfully no flooding here, even though there’s a small river at the bottom of the garden) and now that the sun has come out I have been enjoying a succession of lovely flowers – winter jasmine, white heather, snowdrops, crocus (purple only so far, not sure what’s happened to the yellow ones), daffodils, blossom (our purple-leaved plum tree as shown) and the welcome sight of tulip leaves emerging in some of my patio pots.

I know I haven’t blogged for a while but even I was surprised to see it’s been over three months.  To be honest, although I thought January would be quieter it actually wasn’t.  Three of my clients are much busier than they expected to be and in increasing need of support.   One is seeing the work of his charity really take off and another is snowed under with a sudden burst of business contracts.  The third has been overseeing changes in the two charities of which he is Chair; he said recently, “It’s always a great relief when you take so much off my plate each week!”

Well, that’s what it’s all about.