Spring – at last

Daffodils growing in garden

These daffodils are called St Patrick’s Day but they didn’t open until early April so they were a bit late!  I put it down to the long winter we experienced and will see what happens next year.  However, just a few days of sunshine and warmer weather and suddenly the garden has taken off, just as Monty Don (Gardeners’ World) said it would.  The potted tulips are flowering, having escaped the ravages of the squirrels thanks to large amounts of holly placed around them, and the Cornus Alba Sibirica (Dogwood) is suddenly covered in small bright green leaves, its bright red stems having been bare since late autumn. I managed to cut the grass just after Easter for the first time this year, the day before more snow and sleet showered down upon us.

I can see all this from the windows of my garden office, as well as the birds, squirrels, cats and foxes which visit us regularly and which are welcomed by differing degrees.

At the moment I have business meetings to organise for one client, and a Trustees’ board meeting for another. I’ve just prepared the expense claims for a third, and am helping a fourth with planning an event in the autumn in Plymouth.  There are also four Governors’ meetings in the second half of April at the school where I am Governing Body Clerk, so getting all the agenda and papers, and then Minutes, sorted out for each is a challenge.

It’s nice to look out of the window at the garden, but I’d better concentrate on working at this computer instead!