“Your photographic memory, your understanding of the ‘ethos’ of the matter in hand and, above all, your efficiency meant that I could safely leave you to look after my concerns when I was away on my many travels. When you became ‘virtual’, I could – and did – leave safely with you the intricacies of handling electronic communications in such a way that my correspondents felt they were still in touch with me direct. Whether visible or invisible, your cheerful support and assistance were and are quite exceptional and for that I am really grateful.”
The late Norman Brown FCIS FSCA, Former General Secretary, Scripture Gift Mission Inc and Secretary, Radstock (Eccleston Hall) Trust

“Thank you so much for all you continue to do – and for your endless flexibility, patience, and good will, not to mention efficiency!”
Dr David Hull, Somerset

“I always appreciate our discussions because I think we get a lot done, and it is good to work with you.  Your attention to detail and ability to recall minutes and papers has been invaluable in the smooth running of the Trust.”
Sally Yarrow, CEO and Executive Headteacher, The Green School (Multi-Academy) Trust

“Thank you again for all your administering and the wonderful spirit with which you operate.”
Rev Lyndon Bowring, Chair, CARE and The Cinnamon Network

“You have been a huge asset; I think you have provided a far more professional and efficient service than I could have obtained by paying more for a full-time person to work in the office. You really do add value to representing us as an excellent Christian organization.”
Paul Jones, Supporter Relations & Fundraising Manager, Release International

“Jan is terrier-like in following up people for meetings.  She won’t take indifference for an answer!”
Antony Elliott, Founder, The Fairbanking Foundation

“Many thanks for all the hard work and calm cheerful approach to it all.”
Peter Williams, Chair, Audit & Risk Committee, The Green School Trust

“You have been a great ambassador for Fairbanking at some wonderful events over the last decade or so and have always been a diligent worker with a can-do attitude.”
Mark Lewis, Chief Financial Officer, The Fairbanking Foundation

“Janet’s commitment, self-motivation and self-direction have been invaluable, with the ability to plan ahead and anticipate what might be an issue before it becomes one.  Coping with the small detail as well as understanding the big picture helps enormously. Her confidentiality is invaluable and her loyalty gratifying. When there are so many issues often being juggled at once, I have felt safe and supported in the knowledge that Janet will have ultimately kept an eye on everything, and nothing gets missed.”
Joanna Barrett, Chair of the Governing Body 2009-2012, The Green School

“We would like to thank all the people who organised and took part in the many interviews we conducted at banks and financial institutions in the Autumn of 2013. We could not have done so without Janet Walker’s organisational skills.”
A Better Kind of Banking (page 2) by Charles Leadbeater and Antony Elliott, November 2013, The Fairbanking Foundation/RSA

“Janet’s considerable business experience complements her skill set; her flexibility and attention to detail instil confidence in others and her professionalism and loyalty, with her warm personality and cheerful disposition, are also valuable assets.”
Gordon Miller, Former Ministry and Cruise Director, MasterSun & MasterSki Holidays

“Thank you so much for all your hard work…it all looks a model of elegant efficiency, and from what I’ve seen of your correspondence with my colleagues, you struck exactly the right note and everybody feels looked after.”
David LewisDavid Lewis Cartoons

“Thank you for everything you have done/supported me with over the last couple of years.  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you.”
Trevor Barratt, Quality Director, The Fairbanking Foundation

“Thanks for the flawless organisation…The expert organiser – a great job as always…Well done Jan, you’ve done it again – fantastic…Thank you, Jan, for organising everything; it was a totally lovely evening. Couldn’t believe all the people that you had managed to find…”
Former colleagues from SGM: 2009 Reunion

“We always found you to be so faithful and helpful no matter what the situation; you made it so much easier to fulfil our role because you did yours so well.”
Allan and Cathie Bartlam, Birmingham

“You have always dealt with me graciously, kindly and with an understanding of the difficulties ministers often face.”
Mark TomlinsonProjects Director, Sutton Community Works, Surrey

“Thank you for your warm administrative style that I have experienced over the years.”
Sam ChaplinJazz musician & international worship leader, London

“Although we have never met, your cheery disposition has always made our contact both enjoyable and productive; we only wish that all the organisations we deal with had a Janet Walker at the other end of the phone.”
Bryan and Judith Mason, North Yorkshire

“You have such ability as a caring and thoughtful administrator/organiser. I have valued your friendship, help and advice – and laughs we have had over the phone!”
The late Rt Revd Michael WhinneyFormer Interim Bishop of Birmingham