Happy 125th Anniversary!

Logo to celebrate 125 years of SGM

Last month I was delighted to be part of a large gathering of 600 supporters, friends and former staff members of Scripture Gift Mission Inc, now SGM Lifewords, for which I worked for 17 years.  As I had started the organisation of the 100th Celebrations in 1988 and my twins were born a week after the event, which allowed me to attend, I had a particular interest in being part of this 125th Anniversary, held at Westminster Chapel.  I had forgotten quite how big that venue is!  There is still such a feeling of ‘family’ among those who used to work there.  I think it is very special, if not unique, and to see Alison again after 28 years was a highlight.  It was a superb reunion and, even better, one that I only needed to turn up to and not make any of the arrangements.  Those who had put the programme together and provided lunch had done a wonderful job.  Happy 125th Anniversary, SGM!

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